Website Addiction Problems

It's not what you think.  I'm not addicted to websites.  I'm addicted to designing them.

I go through strange phases where I won't touch a website at all.  Years could go by.  And then I'll find a new website design program or a blog host will offer a new set of templates and then... Pandora's box.  It's simply no longer enough to have one website looking nice for one business.  Suddenly life would be drastically improved if they all were looking nice.

There's probably some sort of psychological analysis you could do here about latent control issues.  Especially considering that time and effort may be put into a site that gets zero traffic anyway... yikes.

But since I like to put a positive spin on things I will say that this has made me fairly internet savvy.  A good trait to have if one happens to be pursuing a career as an independently published author.  It's not a bad addiction to have.  I probably should just not stay up until 3am feeding it....


  1. I'm so glad to learn that I'm not a lone. I keep opening new websites because I enjoy designing them. It's the maintenance that kills!

    1. Totally. Or just realizing that the site looks swanky but it's for something that will most likely never get any traffic lol.


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