Leave No Wake by Joel Arnold

Why Joel enjoys writing in this genre:
The short story is a great way to explore an idea, develop a character, or experiment with form (sometimes all three) in a short amount of time. While a novel is a journey, a short story can be a side trip, pit stop or even the destination itself. That doesn't mean it's easy to write; you need to pack a lot of punch into a somewhat limited space, and that takes time and effort to do well. And when a short story is done well, it can be a very satisfying experience for both the reader and the writer.

Summary of "Leave No Wake":
Meet Mr. Varney and Mr. Johnson, two old men who run the Arrow Point Resort in central Minnesota. Situated on a chain of lakes, this quaint resort offers the usual amenities; shuffleboard, night crawlers, cabins for rent, and gas for passing boaters. Best of all, they offer the things that money can't buy; the most beautiful sunsets west of the Mississippi, the smells of campfires and motor boat exhaust, the songs of loons and frogs in the night. Simple, yet charming memories that stick with a person long after they've gone back home.

But the peacefulness of the Arrow Point Resort is broken when stripper Gina Veale checks in and her ex-boyfriend comes looking for her. When Benny, the foul-mouthed turtle boy, finds her body, the two elderly resort owners realize the case may not be as cut and dried as it seems. They want to make sure the right person is put in jail, even if it means risking their lives.

Leave No Wake originally appeared in the Nodin Press anthology RESORT TO MURDER alongside stories by best-selling authors such as William Kent Krueger, Ellen Hart, and David Housewright.

Please join author Joel Arnold as he takes you on a trip up north in this short story where even the prettiest of waters still have a bit of chill left in them.

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