Review of "Leaves of Departure," short story by Tony Acree

A sweet albeit abbreviated piece by Acree.  Since a summary is not available I'll provide a brief one: an old man must come to terms with the anger he feels about his wife dying before him.

Acree does an excellent job with imagery which is really the draw for this story.  The smell of the leaves being raked, the old man's mental state, etc.  However, the pacing of this story is just a little too fast.  Instead of delving into the old man's life and letting it unfold naturally, everything is summarized in just a few paragraphs.

I feel like this rapid-fire approach to plot points somewhat lessens the impact of the old man's emotional journey.  It still had a nice bittersweet flavor at the end but I couldn't shake the feeling that it could have been more.

Still, Acree's style of writing is enjoyable.  Definitely worth checking out more by this author.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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  1. Thank you for an honest and spot on review. This is one of my early works, but still one of my favorites. Thank you again.

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for submitting and keep up the good work =)

  2. very nice


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