I write about what scares me. I write about what fascinates me.

One of the most interesting parts of running a review/beta service is that I get to read all sorts of stories.  Sometimes even stories that I would not have personally chosen to read but ended up enjoying nonetheless.  It really makes you think about what YOU write as an author.

I write about what scares me.  I write about what fascinates me.  And you know what?  What intrigues ME may not be interesting to everyone.  Get a room full of music nerds together talking about chord progressions and you just started the party.

Talk about chord progressions while having a beer and you just cleared out the room.

But that's ok.  I don't have to please everyone.  In the past two years I've been working on toying with that fine line between writing what makes money and writing what I enjoy.  It really shouldn't be one or the other but some combination of both.

I know that most new authors are always looking for that magic golden ticket that will allow them to rise to the top of the heap.  Like if they could just pick the genre to write in right before it becomes SUPER popular they could make it.

I mean, yeah, genre certainly helps.  But it's not the only answer.  You have to be able to write that genre and write it well if you want it to sell.  With popularity comes more competition.

So write what you enjoy.  Try new genres, test trends.  But realize that a successful story really comes from the perfect combination of style, interest and readers.


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