Concept Behind "Fugitive: The Uxel Herum Saga" by Alain Gomez

The adventure continues with Uxel's second book!  I'll be honest: this series has my inner geek feeling all warm and fuzzy.  I focused more on the world-building elements of Muzik Chronicles with this installment.  This is something I've toyed around with on the blog but I've yet to really flesh out and put into use until now.

Book 2 continues Uxel's training as a tuner which has been a ton of fun to write.  I had to really mentally explore what a tuner was and how she could use these powers in a "real world" application.  Like it's one thing to say that you're a wizard but the coolness factor really all boils down to the nuts and bolts of a wizard fight scene.  How do tuners do battle?

Well, Uxel has to figure out the answer to that question as well....


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