Chicken or the Egg?

I know there's really no straight answer to this. I'm just thinking out loud.

So aside from blogging and announcing new releases on FB, I did absolutely no (ZERO) promotion for my work in 2013. No blog interviews, no chatting with people on Twitter... nothing.

It's now 2014 and I'm thinking maybe I could up things a little more. So I've gotten more into scheduling FB and Twitter posts. Nothing spammy and no life-improving quotes. It's still "me" just scheduled out instead of blasting all my random thoughts into Internet space all at once. I figure it takes minimal effort and it couldn't hurt. No one wants to like a FB page that has absolutely no content on it. I mean, I wouldn't so why would others?

So my question is whether or not it's worth it to go beyond this level of effort? My books sales are slooooooooowly increasing due to most of my energy being put into writing. So I figure it makes sense that I should put off more social media activity unless the readers start coming to me. Is this crazy talk? Why be screaming, "notice me!" into a void all the time? But if someone goes out of their way to comment on my FB page? Heck yeah I'll comment back! I'd like their comment twice if I could.

So what comes first? The book or the social media?  Is it worth spending hours every day for a handful of Twitter followers?  Or should I just stay active and wait for people to find me?


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