Promotion Ponderings

So as this I get this new year going I find myself yet again pondering promotional pursuits.  I admit, I've kind of been off the social media bandwagon for about a year.  It just sucks so much of your time away it wasn't worth it to me.

I was losing writing time due to time spent on social media.

So, I stopped.  I kept blogging (obviously) but other than making new release announcements I did nothing on Facebook or Twitter (my medias of choice).

For the most part I feel like this was a good life decision.  When I first started I desperately tried to push books thinking that every new follower was a potential sale.  It was kind of a harsh wake up when I realized that every other author I was following was doing the same thing.

The end result was a year of forcing myself into a writing schedule.  Which worked out really well.  I'm now at the point where I'm writing 800+ words every day.  I wasn't doing that a year ago so I'm pretty proud of myself.

My only teeny tiny regret was this was all time lost developing a possible mailing list (among other things).  I have somewhat remedied this situation by creating simple websites for all of my pen names.  But I do realize the necessity of having to do slightly more.  Let's just say it doesn't hurt to connect with people on social media.

So I'm going to try and put some social media time on the schedule.  The schedule worked well with the writing thing.  It makes sense to set aside a half hour or two to shmooze with people on Twitter.  So long as it doesn't cut into writing time it's a good thing... right???


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