Review of "The Tool," a short story by Stephan Tweed

A dirty old man gets more than he bargains for when he uses a very special escort service.

This was an engaging story though somewhat clumsily executed.  The typos and grammar issues are numerous enough to where it does start to distract from the story.  It felt like I was reading a first draft of something rather than a polished work.

While the cover and summary seem to tell their own story, the actual one written down could best be classified as horror/thriller.  It's about a scam artist with a vendetta.  Without giving too much away, the scam artist trains young girls to take the money but not exactly provide the "escort service"

I did enjoy the plot.  The story has a sort of grim humor to it with an ever so slight nasty twist at the end.  While the premise of "The Tool" is easily understood, there were many instances where the writing just felt unpracticed.  The concepts where all good but maybe not portrayed in the most effective manner.  So much more could have been done to make the twist at the end that much more creepy rather than just haphazard.

2.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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