Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penguin Mini Modern Classics

Fellow blogger Helen Smith brought to my attention the Penguin Mini Modern Classics now available on Amazon.  In the UK they are called Modern Classics - a collection of short stories by famous writers.

At $4.19 per Kindle edition, this could be a huge breakthrough for the short story writer.  Not only are these small collections receiving good reviews from readers but it's also a sign that major publishers are now acknowledging the importance of this form of fiction.

With the ever rising number of ebook readers, the short story genre may once again be a viable source of income for writers rather than just something to do for fun.

Check out these collections on Amazon


  1. They look fantastic, don't they! I knew they'd appeal to you...

  2. I already picked out one to buy =)

  3. This is going to cost me you know; I can tell before even going off to look...

  4. Lol. Just take my money! Take it all!

    I ordered The Romance of the Thin Man and the Fat Lady by Robert Coover. I'll write a review here when I'm done.