Review of "Albert Got Shot," short story by Barbara House

Albert's an aging rock star who escapes the big city to kick back on a lake in the wilderness . . . no manager, no groupies, no tour bus . . . when out of the blue a hunter blasts the living chopsticks out of his shoulder. Instead of finding himself in a nice cushy ambulance, Albert wakes up in a remote cabin with the man who shot him. The shooter guards the lake, standing by it into the late hours of the night, staring at a strange a light in the depths that only he can see.

Another excellent story by House.  This author continues to display her clear strength in creating deep, interesting characters with surprisingly few words.  We barely have a chance to meet Albert before he is thrown into his hair-raising adventure but immediately there is sympathy for him as a character.

I really enjoyed "Albert."  If you actually take it at face value it's a science fiction horror story.  But it's written with such whimsy that you find yourself laughing at parts.  Perhaps this is further proof that I have a completely twisted sense of humor.

The action is fast-paced and fun and the dialog was entertaining.  Having spent my fair share of time in the Midwest, I could totally picture the trigger-happy ex-soldier shooting at everything that moves. 

Definitely worth picking up a copy.  This is not your average scifi.

3.5/5 stars
Reviewed by Alain Gomez

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