Getting Back Into the Word Count Saddle

Now that the wedding chaos has finally died down, I'm forcing myself back into a more intense writing schedule.  To my credit, I did keep up my daily writing!  How many words I got down on the page fluctuated greatly but Monday through Friday I would sit my butt in the chair and do something.

It was actually a nice way to spend the year.  I mentioned this before in earlier blogs but it allowed me the freedom to enjoy writing again.  I wasn't adding words for the word count sake, I was writing them because I liked the way they connected to each other.  Given everything else that was going on, it was perfect for the time.

But now it's not so perfect.

I have finally reached the mental state where publisher me has resurfaced.  Author me reigned supreme for too long!  The slowness in which I complete stories is now starting to bother me because it feels like I have too much to tell and never enough time to write.

So I'm forcing myself back into daily word counts again.  It feels good, actually.  I learned my lesson from my past writing schedule attempts: I kept the word count goal small.  Even though I had worked my way up to 800 words a day by the end of 2014, there is no way I would be able to just jump back into that without feeling frustrated.

As with everything, consistency is key.  Here's hoping that 2016 will see an uptick in Alain Gomez publications!


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