Pacing and Consistency Continued

A few months ago I wrote about how my writing schedule had to change for 2015.  I felt the need to follow up now that some time has passed.

So far I've remained extremely consistent with sitting down to write each weekday.  I still haven't been able to work myself back up to a strict word count but I don't see this as a sign of losing steam with my writing.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

For about a two years ago I made the decision to treat writing like it's my job, which, for the most part, was a good thing.  It made me buckle down and get serious about my publishing schedule and keeping track of income and expenses.  It made me start the process of really honing skills.  I haven't mastered these skills yet but I feel I'm heading in the right direction.

But I'm starting to realize more and more that my treating writing like a job was a source of deep frustration.  It was a necessary act to push me to the next stage but now I'm glad I was forced to change my pace.

Someone once told me that you don't decide to become a full time writer, the writing decides for you.  I always saw the wisdom in that advice but I think I subconsciously ignored it as I doggedly went about my daily word count minimums.   And while the consistent publishing helped me to become a better writer, it really didn't have any life-altering effects on my sales.  The numbers continued at their own pace no matter how much mental agony I put myself through.

I now feel at peace with the writing and publishing process.  If the numbers can move at their own pace, why can't I?


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