The Founders

For those who do not yet know, I have banded together with three other short fiction writers to form a group called the Short Fiction Writers Guild.  The purpose of the group is to promote short fiction to new readers and provide opportunities such as contests for those that write it.  Think of it like a short fiction club.

Something that we thought worth exploring is the publication of anthologies.  And it seemed only fitting that our first anthology should feature those that founded the club!  Volume one is all speculative fiction but there's a nice variety inside.  Everything from young adult scifi action to epic fantasy.

I'm pretty excited about this whole thing.  Writing is, in general, a lonely profession so it's nice to have some "coworkers" to chat with and discuss what our next "company direction" is going to be.  In a couple of years I see this being a really valuable resource for people.  Especially considering the increasing number of novellas/novelettes out there.

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