The Coffee Crawl vs. PJ Slumming: A comparative study

After realizing how productive I become when on a coffee crawl, I decided to do an experiment.  Usually I write in my office sitting in my desk chair.  Perhaps the scene change along is what inspires this flurry of writing?

So I heated up tea (to replace the purchased coffee on coffee crawl) and then actually changed into my pajamas before plopping down on my bed to write.  My theory is that pjs are both comfortable and they confine you to a certain extend.  If you want to go places it means you have to change out of them.

I got about twenty minutes of good writing time in before noticing that my tea needed refilling.  Which, therefore, led to going to the kitchen and thinking that I've been sitting for awhile so I might as well do the dishes.

Conclusion: pj slumming is infinitely more cozy especially when it is raining out.  If one is having trouble focusing on writing in the office, there will be a slight increase in productivity.  But not much.  In the end, coffee crawl wins out.  The peer pressure guarantees at least an hour or two of solid writing time.

What are your findings?


  1. You should have known better. If this theory (PJs + bed = productivity) were true, we would have been much more productive in college.

  2. I thought this would be about me. Not that I do that. LOL.


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