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Book Brouhaha is a niche blog focusing on short stories. Most of the blog traffic comes from regular readers and targeted keyword searches (people specifically typing in words like "short stories").

If you are the author of a short story or short story collection, you may advertise here at Book Brouhaha. There are four image slots available on the sidebar. One of which will be a direct link to your product when clicked on along with a title and caption.

Starting from top to bottom the rates are as follows:

#1 slot (best visibility) - $10.00 per month
#2 slot - $8.00 per month
#3 slot - $6.00 per month
#4 slot - $4.00 per month

Book Brouhaha offers this as an option for short story authors.  Every effort is made to keep this blog active and attracting new visitors.  However, any paid sponsorship is entirely the author's risk.  Book Brouhaha is not responsible for how many clicks or sales an author receives.

If you are interested in advertising here at Book Brouhaha, please contact me.

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